"In addition to helping us meet, and often exceed, our objectives, NEXT LEVEL Partners®, LLC created a repeatable, methodical approach to how we analyze and improve our processes. The expert NEXT LEVEL Partners®, LLC Practitioners were great at promoting team work and ensuring ownership of the changes we made. We now have an energized workforce and a culture of continuous improvement. The ROI we received by engaging with NEXT LEVEL Partners®, LLC was huge. We realized almost $1M in savings in just 8 months of partnering.  I highly recommend them."

Randy Scalise
Vice President of Fulfillment

Orchard Brands

“NLP has been a great partner and is a big part of our success. In less than a year we have become the industry leader in what we do and now have competitors trying to emulate us. Through the coaching and guidance of NEXT LEVEL Partners, we’ve significantly increased our labor productivity, which has allowed us to avoid hiring new employees as we’ve doubled in volume. We’ve increased our space and equipment utilization, which has prevented the need to spend precious capital on a bigger building and more equipment. Perhaps most evident is the fact that we now have a building full of problem-solvers instead of a bunch of employees waiting for someone else to give them solutions. We would not be enjoying the success we have today without the help of NLP.”

– Michael Bronfein, CEO
Curio Wellness

"On behalf of the 40+ Senco Brands associates we had in Strategy Deployment training earlier this month, I want to thank you again for your work and commitment to our two-day training on the fundamentals and use of this powerful tool. As I said in my closing comments, your deep understanding, passion and energy are clearly evident regarding this strategy execution tool. We have made the right choice in aligning with NEXT LEVEL Partners®, LLC. We look forward to delivering a breakthrough year for Senco Brands and training a global associate team on how to drive sustaining breakthrough performance going forward."

Benjamin C. Johansen
Chief Executive Officer
Senco Brands, Inc.

The kaizen met all expectations – your team are exceptional facilitators with the ability to keep things on track while allowing the team to figure out the solutions. I have learned a great deal about the LEAN process and how it works from my work with NEXT LEVEL Partners®, LLC. I am a huge believer in LEAN and NEXT LEVEL Partners®, LLC.

Mark Dooley
Chief Executive Officer
Clinton Memorial Hospital
Regional Care Hospital Partners

We've had you lead us through several LEAN events at this time, and we have always found your team to be a pleasure to work with. We have used the new processes increase our output dramatically. This transactional event was a bit of a change for us, and coupled with a few busy weeks prior to the event we did not prepare as much as we could have, but the event led to some great ideas that we're looking forward to implementing. Please pass my compliments on to your team, who as usual did a great job keeping us on track. 

Jessie MacLeod
Cytec Industries

...this search was a challenge, I especially want to thank you for your process discipline to only put high quality, on-target candidates in front of us. Your assessments of the candidates were always accurate, and every interview was a good use of the AWT team’s time...

Terry Ross
American Welding and Tank

The work the team was able to do this week was most impressive. I just left a 2 hour session with a very engaged, on-point group of people. The closure of the local psych hospital will present a significant security/safety risk for us – that’s why we held this planning event. It's clear the staff appreciates the hospital's concern by deploying these resources. I'm very thankful NLP wound up here just when we needed you!

Health System Hospital

I got to see several report outs at our recent Ops meeting. I could not be more pleased on the progress. We have a very engaged group on our hands! Your impact in Engineering continues to be felt and the "war room" is up and running. I've heard nothing but positives about the NEXT LEVEL Partners®, LLC professionals in our facilities…except I understand your team makes me look like a walk in the park in terms of push! I'm glad to hear that there has been a quickened pace and accountability.

Colleen Bohn
Tegrant Corporation
ThermoSafe Brands

I believe the event was a big hit at Blue Grass. Your team did an excellent job! At the final wrap-up, one of the painters told the Deputy that "the Depot should do this on all projects." This from a guy who didn't want to be there on Monday. What a testament to the power of the event! ...created an environment for openness among the participants that included supervisors, engineers, operators, and process improvement staff. The outcome was more than a plan; it was a unified team embracing the process and the plan.

Gary Fleegle
Chief Operating Officer
National Center for Defense Manufacturing & Machining

As always, it is such a pleasure to work with NLP. I feel that our organization is so blessed to have partnered with the right group to move us in the direction of becoming Lean. All your practitioners have been the "right fit" for mentoring us, and I look forward to continued growth in our working relationship. The knowledge that you have shared, and the way that you have shared it with our organization, has provided clear and easy understanding of the process we all need to follow as we continue the journey on becoming Lean. Thank you for what you do!

Memorial Hospital
South Bend, IN

I was honored to be a part of the lean kaizen event. It was very informative and gave me a new perspective on my job, my company, and my personal goals and achievements. Thanks for the opportunity.

Lean Kaizen Participant
Cleveland, OH

...words just don't do justice to how much we value our association with you and various members of the NLP team. Primarily your leadership, tenacity, knowledge, expertise, commitment, bed side manner and general willingness to get into the weeds with us, roll up your shirt sleeves and lead the way gave our team soooooo much to work with.
My entire team is better for knowing and hanging with you!!!!!!!! Going to hold you to the August dates! Happy trails!!!

Gerry Tuthill
Harrah's Rio Hotel and Casino
Las Vegas, NV

I want to thank you for the great work you did last week in facilitating our Presidents Kaizen event. You both displayed great knowledge of the subject matter and worked extremely well with the teams. I was especially impressed with your ability to keep us corporate executives in line! Hopefully we can involve you in future events.

Client Senior Executive

Our division won the "Best LDM" (Lean Daily Management) award within the entire company for 2008. It was announced around the annual Xmas dinner and awards were presented.

Client Senior Executive

I'd just like to take this opportunity and thank you for not only teaching and leading kaizen events, but also mentoring my team. You know they are good people. Really great and smart people who are excited about their work and are passionate. Changing the culture is not easy and frequently frustrating. They are learning to think through issues, identifying risk, developing a plan and more quickly implement change, even when it is not perfect. Your presence and coaching is evident. GREAT Practitioner! Engages participants, balancing the right amount of push to stretch their thinking and their physical activity.

Client Senior Executive

I just wanted to let you know that I just finished our internal meeting. One of the topics was the quality of the NLP practitioners. The input was very explicit that your practitioner was doing an outstanding job; the teams loved working with him. They were also very clear that he stood out in his abilities to use the tools in our environment, while engaging the teams on a personal level. Thanks! I echo their comments. The discretionary energy that you have put in to assure we are delivering, going above and beyond with the staff - GREAT JOB!

Client Senior Executive

Your team did an outstanding job! I commend your leadership, guidance, and instructional lessons to the team in analyzing their processes and systems to capture and define action items to improve overall performance. Your practitioner kept them on track, focused on the task at hand, with expectations of achieving critical results. Very much thanks to you and we hope to work with you again someday.

Client Senior Executive

I need to make mention that your team is fantastic. They brought out enthusiasm in our facility. It is a very reserved culture and you managed to motivate and move them beyond everyone's expectations. The business results were fantastic as usual, but I especially appreciate that you take the time to meet with all levels of folks to address their concerns head on and sooth their worries by presenting facts. Everyone needs reassurance during big change. Few people recognize this or know how to address it. Your team is very sensitive to this aspect of his work, which I believe makes you all exceptional lean practitioners.

Client Senior Executive

1. NLP demonstrates clear familiarity of our material and strong technical expertise
2. NLP engagement at both sites has improved working relationship and strengthened their Operating System principles
3. Transferring extensive lean knowledge to site personnel allowing for SME development at both sites
4. Rigor of NLP's process acknowledged by both site teams
5. Site personnel have learned extensively from NLP activities
6. Site leaders overall pleased with the consultant support and the engagement to date
7. Integrated Supply Chain baseline work aggressively targeted for completion in 4 months – that is 5 months ahead of original plans
8. Following same SIF elements...with a fast pace approach, while educating the site personnel to carry principles forward on their own
9. NLP able to transfer knowledge through go and do in a manner that is easily comprehended
10. Site has now taken ownership of Kaizen events and driving results

Client Senior Executive Survey Response

1. The results we've seen to date and level of expertise from NLP has been invaluable
2. The team continues to learn and deploy at an accelerated pace
3. Would recommend to use NLP at other sites that have strong foundational Lean Operating System experience to accelerate deployment plans
4. NLP provides additional capacity to the Lean Operating System team with extensive cycles learning, top-notch expertise, consistent sense of urgency and the benefit of comparison with other sites and industries
5. Future work with NLP could also develop into supplier partnerships as we continue to mature into Bronze and Silver status; Company Lean Operating System Office may not be able to fulfill supplier request for support
6. Provide additional resources/capacity
7. Same or higher level of skills set
8. Demonstrated ability to quickly adapt and train to Lean Operating System process
9. Currently NLP is scheduled to continue working with both teams through mid-Sept 09; should be extended to mid October to ensure sustainability of implementations

Client Senior Executive Survey Response

I think it went well. Your practitioners did a great job.
1. Structure of the process
2. How it can be taught to be part of the company's culture
3. The staff level involvement, therefore greater buy-in of the solution
4. The visual mapping to help employees see "Bigger" picture
5. Nicely scalable, empowers all levels of the organization
I am looking forward to the problem solving events.

Client Senior Executive

GREAT Practitioner! Engages participants, balancing the right amount of push to stretch their thinking and their physical activity.
Best Event To Date – our Internal Lean team demonstrates sustained learning.
This event scored multiple touchdowns!

Client Senior Executive

Your team did an outstanding job! I commend your leadership, guidance, and instructional lessons to the team in analyzing their processes and systems to capture and define action items to improve overall performance. NLP kept them on track, focused on the task at hand, with expectations of achieving critical results.
Very much thanks to you and hope to work with NLP again someday.

Client Senior Executive

A million thanks for the guidance this week. We made some major strides in the progress of the company. You and NLP have been a great help. I look forward to next week

Client Lean Enterprise Leader

Michael has been on board for a few weeks now and things are off to a good start. I appreciate your efforts to support us and thought Tom did a nice job on the search. We are very pleased with the direction we are going - you definitely identified the type of person we were looking for. I am most happy that we selected NLP for the project.

Scott Leighty
Chief Operating Officer
Mercy Medical Center - North Iowa

We were very happy with the (3P) process. The design we came out of this week with was out-of-the-box thinking and better than any of the ideas we had going into this session. We feel this will be a very robust design eliminating most of our downtime.

Don Adams
GSI Group

…found the (Goal Deployment) process of bringing teams and related critical teams together very empowering. It was also amazing how quickly the action plans began to be referred to regularly in everyday parlance. The process of creating the plans was also a process of communication that was much more powerful than the normal process, which can omit people and detail...I have been amazed at how aggressively and positively the management teams have adopted this process

Mark Prince
Jacuzzi UK

I wanted to take a minute and give you my personal review of the NLP Practitioner that worked primarily with us. Not only is he one of the best consultants I have ever worked with, but he is a great person as well. Everyone here at Microfixation hated to see him leave. We never would have moved as quickly as we did if he had not jump-started us. Furthermore, we were about to make a fundamental mistake that would have caused a huge slow down here. Thank goodness, he helped us see our mistake in a motivating and constructive way. Thanks to him, we are about to make history again and it would not have been nearly as high impact if he had not re-directed us; we are going to complete two Value Stream cells in August that will have < 2 day Lead Times!!!!!!!!! This is so huge. What I really appreciate about his style is that he is always teaching, but in a very subtle way, such that people do not even realize it. That is real talent. His breadth of knowledge makes him invaluable in this role. I have already recommended him and your organization to different businesses in the Jacksonville area. I am very thankful for having the opportunity to learn and grow with your representatives. Good luck in your future and please make sure he is recognized for his worth to us here at Biomet Microfixation.

Stephanie Allison
Director, Quality and Lean
Biomet, Inc

We work with our clients as Practitioner Partners… not consultants.