Retail Markets

NEXT LEVEL Partners®, LLC has become known as an innovator in bringing the principles and tools of Lean Enterprise Transformation to the retail industry. We started working with various types of Retailers over ten years ago, helping them transform the way they deliver their products and services to their customers at high levels of quality, timeliness and efficiency. We work hand-in-hand with our client partners to ensure they are not only transforming the way they do business, but are also developing the capabilities to sustain the improvements and can continue to make improvements on their own. We promise our client partners that we will quickly develop the internal Practitioners of lean transformation tools, techniques and concepts that will continue to lead change in the business after we leave.


Transformation Results Examples

Additional Benefits

  • Value Stream Mapping to identify improvements
  • Facilitation of kaizens for improvements
  • Lean Daily Management
  • Strategy Deployment – a leadership tool for ensuring a laser-like focus on your strategic priorities
  • Return-to-vendor reduction over $1M
  • Return processing cost reduction by $610k
  • Call Center wait times down 27%
  • Call Center dropped calls down 22%
  • Reduced time to open a new store by 35 days
  • Reduced time to stock merchandise by 2 hours ($3.7M savings chain-wide)
  • Reduced daily labor required to open/ close stores by 31% ($528,000 savings chain-wide)
  • New store construction
  • Backroom layout design
  • Store opening & closing
  • Freight management
  • Shelf management
  • Shrink reduction
  • Customer returns & stock outs
  • Category optimization (layout & presentation)
  • Sales process

We work with our clients as Practitioner Partners… not consultants.