Acquisition & Development of Outstanding Organization/Leadership Talent

NEXT LEVEL Partners Will Partner With You to Accelerate Your Talent Management Process Including:

Executive & Management Search:

For more than a decade at Danaher Corporation, we led the search, assessment, and selection of outside Executives that contributed to the creation of one of the world's most respected management teams. We can do the same for you.

  • Experience: There's no substitute for it. We have over fifty years of collective experience as key operating & administrative executives that worked within the high performance business culture of a corporation that has consistently delivered superior shareholder value (recognized by USA Today as the #2 best stock to own over the past 25 years). We are experienced HR, General Management and Operations executives who, throughout our careers, have delivered superior results by building exceptional leadership teams. You are able to leverage the know-how that comes from success in recruiting and selecting over 400 top executives into a high share-holder return environment focused on outperforming through superior strategies, people and processes
  • Uniquely Positioned: Our search practice is an integral part of a broader fully integrated lean business system practice focused on long-term sustainable performance improvement. When you select us, you partner with a search firm that has exceptional ability to assess candidates in terms of strategic and commercial capabilities, operational excellence and leadership skills, and lean process orientation.

Organization and Leadership Development Processes:

The right organization structure and the right people are vital to the attainment of a company's strategic objectives. Few successful executives would argue with that premise. Most companies, however, leave this vital element of long-term world-class performance to chance, rather than driving it with the same process rigor they employ to run their business on a daily basis.

We have proven expertise is developing rigorous and practical processes that will ensure the organization is properly aligned to execute its strategic objectives, and drive it to build a deep bench of top-talent on an on-going basis. We will work with you to develop custom processes that are right for your company.

Leadership in a Lean Environment Training & Mentoring:

The skill-building that results from this five-module training program is critical to ensure that your front-line leadership team is equipped with the vital tools they need to most effectively Lead change and drive breakthrough performance in today's LEAN environment.

  1. Are You Confident That Your Current Leadership Training Programs Are Based On The Leadership Techniques Used By Industry Leaders With Proven Success In Establishing High-performance Lean Cultures V. Academic Theory?
  2. Do All Of These Key Resources Understand Their Lean Leadership Role And What Is Expected Of Them In Contributing To Increasing Your Firm's Competitiveness?
  3. Do Your Middle Managers And First Line Supervisors Know How To Communicate Their Role In A Lean Environment To Their Subordinates, And Develop The Same Understanding For Their Subordinates Roles In A Lean Environment?
  4. Do They Understand The Difference Between Leading And Managing, And Do They Have The Right Skills To Effectively Execute Each Role?
  5. Do They Know When To Counsel And When To Discipline?
  6. Do They Know How To Effectively Delegate And Motivate People To Produce Breakthrough Results?
  7. Do These Key Resources Know How To Prepare For And Perform Effective Performance Appraisals? --- Not Completing The Forms, But Delivering The Right Message The Right Way To Drive Performance

If you answered "NO" to any of these questions, please contact us to learn more about how this practical hands-on training, designed primarily for Middle Managers and First Line Supervisors, can provide one of the basic building blocks for your company to achieve self-sustaining LEAN capability and continuous performance improvement.

We work with our clients as Practitioner Partners… not consultants.