Operational Excellence Culture

Operational Excellence is Critical to the Successful Execution of Any Strategy, But Should Not Itself Be The Strategy! You Don't "Implement" Lean…You "Live" Lean. Culture and Environment is Paramount to Tools & Techniques.

LEADERSHIP In a Lean Environment - Anyone can buy the tools…leadership makes the difference! Do your middle management and line leaders understand what it takes to truly LEAD in a lean environment? Set and uphold expectations? Know when & how to delegate, motivate, counsel and discipline? We do…let us show you.

Commitment to Waste Elimination Mindset - All process steps and activities fall into one of two categories, Value Adding or Non-Value Adding. Are you and your team expert at recognizing and identifying the seven wastes in your business processes and functions? The entire enterprise should be.

Commit to the Tools - Develop and/or add to your lean/sigma toolbox by leveraging NLP's expansive arsenal and Toyota Production System expertise. No master trades person or artist ever created anything of value without the proper tools.

Kaizen Culture and Regimen - Learn and adopt the critical success factors of a true kaizen/continuous improvement culture from those who have delivered in a high performance culture like the one you are creating. Kaizen is NOT just when it is convenient…it is constant and requires regimen and momentum.

Root Cause Problem Solving - Get to true root cause(s) of problems through basic, practical problem solving techniques. Utilize lean/sigma tools to resolve and control to prevent recurrence. Culturally, you MUST practice this from the very top of the organization. Manage by facts and data, not impression or emotion.

Self Sustaining - The only true, sustainable transformations are predominantly driven from within. Change is inevitable and a constant. See NLP's "Lean Daily Management" and "Capability Building and Knowledge Transfer" offerings and make the commitment.

We work with our clients as Practitioner Partners… not consultants.