Medical Devices

Medical Devices


Transformation Results Examples

Additional Benefits

  • Value Stream Mapping to identify improvements
  • Facilitation of kaizens for improvements
  • Lean Daily Management
  • Strategy Deployment – a leadership tool for ensuring a laser-like focus on your strategic priorities
  • Go-to-market strategy development
  • Go-to-market strategy execution
  • Imaging devices: labor reduction of $143k while achieving 98% OTD
  • Medical carts: 45% productivity improvement
  • High tech product: 54% lead time reduction, 25% WIP reduction
  • Imaging services: 15% price increase
  • Instruments: 9% revenue growth in a 6% market while maintaining margins
  • Improved design process
  • Improved factory flow
  • Gained new customers in expanded market segments
  • Sales productivity increase of 25%

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