Lean Tools

Fairly Common Tools…Knowing Where (linked by strategic importance to the business), When and How to apply is the key. Leverage NEXT LEVEL Partners experience here!

5S/Visual Management - A place for everything & everything in its' place! It's NOT just about housekeeping. It's about achieving the Safety, Quality, Delivery, & Cost benefits of a visually managed workplace.

Standard Work - Design and implement cells/processes to TAKT time (Total Daily Operating Time/Total Daily Requirements). Produce only what's needed, when it is needed, based on customer demand…the same way, every time.

Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) - Aligning commercial and operational teams with respect to understanding and managing demand with the intention of providing 100% on-time delivery to customer request, utilizing minimal human and working capital.

Material Pull Systems & Kanban - Downstream processes pull from upstream processes only the amount of goods that are needed, when they are needed. Typically employing a pull signal (kanban) to the upstream supplier as to what supply is needed to meet demand.

Variation Reduction Kaizen (VRK) - Statistical problem solving and process control in a 5-day kaizen format. Use VRK while executing your kaizen road map when a more sophisticated & comprehensive "green belt or black belt" project is not necessary.

Transactional Process Improvement (TPI) - Lean tools adapted to transactional/support function process improvements in a 3-5 day kaizen format. DO NOT underestimate the untapped value of these improvements!

Single Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED) - A process for reducing the amount of time it takes to changeover a machine or process. Measured from the last good piece of the previous product to the first good piece of the next product.

Production Preparation Process (3P) - A lean method, offered in a five day kaizen format, for designing products and processes that better meet customer's needs. A critical element of any New Product Development and Launch processes. Meet targeted safety, quality, delivery (lead time) and cost levels more consistently. Modules available are:

  • Concept 3P
  • Design 3P
  • Process 3P
  • Plant Layout 3P

Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) - A process designed to completely eliminate unplanned downtime in the manufacturing process thus improving the predictability of safety, quality, delivery and productivity performance.

Root Cause Problem Solving – Get to true root cause(s) of problems through basic, practical problem solving techniques. Utilize lean/sigma tools to resolve and control to prevent recurrence.

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