Lean Procurement

Expand the concepts of Lean/Sigma to and through your procurement function and supply base. Create a high value Value Stream from which all who support it will benefit

Sourcing Workshop…Quantifying Supply Chain Opportunities - Participants will analyze current suppliers, identify potential cost and inventory reduction projects, begin developing reverse auctions and/or RFQ packages for each commodity group. Actions can also include identifying, assessing and confirming need/desire for lean/sigma training and/or kaizen events at suppliers to create the ultimate "win-win scenario" with your key suppliers.

"Leaning" Internal Procurement Processes - Productivity, quality and lead time improvements await. Learn and apply Transactional Value Stream mapping (TVSM) and Transactional Process Improvement (TPI) techniques to your purchasing area while driving process improvements that will yield more efficient and effective supply chain management through higher quality, shorter lead times, and lower costs.

Negotiation, Contract Definition and Relationship Structuring - Quote/Bid reconciliation. Eliminate discrepancies between RFQ and bids received. Analyze and compare bids, leverage opportunities for additional negotiation. graphicIdentify and pursue opportunities for optimal inventory pipeline management (i.e. VMI, kanban and pull systems). Implement changes to existing, or new contracts, including those with Low Cost Region (LCR) suppliers. Define and uphold supplier relationship expectations and performance.

We work with our clients as Practitioner Partners… not consultants.