Lean Daily Management

The Most Common Failure Mode of Lean Transformations is the Ability to Sustain the Gains...There is a Solution! Let NEXT LEVEL Partners Work With You And Your Line Leaders To Share "The Secret To Sustainability"

Daily "Gemba" Walks - Hold that daily production meeting where the production (truth) happens, on the shop floor! Learn how to realize the power of cross functional review and buy-in for what happens on the shop floor every day.

Cell/Area KPI Boards - Capture and track information that truly reflects processing metrics, or the "Key Performance Indicators," that are important to you and your customers, at the point-of-impact! Learn what to track, how to present the data and who provides the updates.

Managing with Playbooks - Demand can change daily…does that mean we have to re-do our standard work everyday? Absolutely not! Learn how to build thresholds of demand changes into your cellularization & standard work projects and how to adjust labor allocation and operator work content every day, real time, as demand changes.

5S Patrols - 5S and Visual Management levels and expectations should also be standardized. Learn how to institute the necessary controls ensuring accountability lies with those who control it.

We work with our clients as Practitioner Partners… not consultants.