Manufacturing – Industrial, Aerospace, Automotive, High Tech/Electronics, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Capital Equipment

NEXT LEVEL Partners roots lie in executing Lean Transformation in manufacturing businesses.  Whether your products and services are high volume, repetitive offerings or custom engineered, low volume, high mix, we have the experience to drive operational and financial performance while building up your internal capability to continue to do so going forward.  We don’t believe in “cookie cutter” solutions to implementing Lean Transformation. Our customized approach ensures that we take the time to understand what you already have in place and build upon that to achieve your specific business objectives. 

In addition to improving your core supply chain, manufacturing and logistics/distribution processes, we have extensive experience driving operational and financial improvements via Lean Transformation in your core revenue growth processes such as product development, engineering, sales, marketing and functional support processes such as finance, human resources, information technology and others.  Our extensive work in service industries has given us the experience working in business/information flow processes to apply the tools and methods of Lean Transformation in all facets of your business.


Transformation Results Examples

Additional Benefits

  • Value Stream Mapping to identify improvements
  • Facilitation of kaizens for improvements
  • Lean Daily Management
  • Strategy Deployment – a leadership tool for ensuring a laser-like focus on your strategic priorities
  • Go-to-market strategy development
  • Go-to-market strategy execution
  • $30 million bottom line packaging company
  • $2 million – industrial boilers
  • $3 million – machined parts
  • $7 million organic revenue growth – electronic parts
  • $3 million sales growth – metal fabricated components
  • Equipment utilization
  • Improved capital planning
  • Performance culture
  • Targeted productivity improvement & cost reductions
  • Expanded sales pipeline
  • Increased awareness in new segments

We work with our clients as Practitioner Partners… not consultants.