NEXT LEVEL Partners®, LLC can help develop your SME to help accelerate operating performance improvement via Lean Enterprise Transformation.  We have considerable experience in this industry, and have delivered tremendous value to our client partners in every engagement.



Critical Success Factors

•Get Help
•Leaders’ understanding that a Lean culture drives:
•Continuous waste elimination
•Greater customer focus/satisfaction
•Productivity and Cash Flow improvements
•Development of internal talent
•Communication with ALL employees
•Need critical mindshare mass
•Management embracing & leading new lean culture (most successful sites = top leader involvement)
•Clear Performance Objectives & Metrics
•What gets measured…gets done!
•Lean Daily Management
•Developing Lean/CI infrastructure to self sustain improvement
•Dedicated VP/Director of OpEx (Lean/CI)  reporting to COO or CEO
•Dedicated regional &/or local leaders, depending on size & number of sites
•“Dual-hatted” SMEs that can train & lead events
•Commitment to kaizen culture & regimen (regular, monthly events scheduled)

We work with our clients as Practitioner Partners… not consultants.