“The guidance of Next Level Partners has been invaluable to GBMC HealthCare. We have transformed the way we do our business. We were recently awarded the annual patient safety award from the American Society of Healthcare Risk Management for our use of Lean and the Daily Management process that we learned from our partnership with NLP.”

- Dr John Chessare, MD, MPH, President and CEO, Greater Baltimore Health Center

“We engaged Next Level Partners (NLP) to assist us with patient flow in our Emergency Department.  The first week-long event that NLP facilitated resulted in significant improvements in length-of-stay times, a much more productive Staff, and higher quality outcomes. Our goal is to turn our 900 employees into great problem solvers and critical thinkers that improve processes daily. Hospitals have become fragmented as various departments have become so specialized.  Working with NLP has resulted in greater teamwork and appreciation of all team members’ contributions to our health system outcomes.  The result is better patient care and service for our community.”

-Tony Young, CEO, EASTAR Health System

“The partnership we have with NLP has been instrumental in helping us transform our culture and the way we operate.  The impact on our patients, staff, providers and the community has been significant. We consistently look at process improvement from a system view rather than a departmental view. Our NLP Practitioners have become part of our family and provide valuable insight into priority setting and process improvement. The relationship we have is beyond measure because they want to see us succeed and apply the tools for long-term impact.”

-Karen L. Zimmerman, RN, MSN, Chief Nursing Officer, Trinity Health

“We appreciate the valuable guidance and teaching provided by NLP. The results of the Mission Services project were significant, creating a much more productive Staff that can spend more time on our mission-critical services for our developmentally disabled adult clients. Our Staff is delighted to have additional time to spend interacting with our high-risk clients.

-Karla Grazier, CEO, Goodwill Industries

“NLP exceeded expectations – the NLP Practitioner that led our team is an exceptional facilitator. He has the ability to keep things on track but allow the team to figure out the solutions. I have learned a great deal about the lean transformation process and how it works. I am a huge believer in NEXT LEVEL Partners.”

-Mark Dooley, CEO, Clinton Memorial Hospital

“NLP has been a great partner and is a big part of our success. In less than a year we have become the industry leader in what we do and now have competitors trying to emulate us. Through the coaching and guidance of NEXT LEVEL Partners, we’ve significantly increased our labor productivity, which has allowed us to avoid hiring new employees as we’ve doubled in volume. We’ve increased our space and equipment utilization, which has prevented the need to spend precious capital on a bigger building and more equipment. Perhaps most evident is the fact that we now have a building full of problem-solvers instead of a bunch of employees waiting for someone else to give them solutions. We would not be enjoying the success we have today without the help of NLP.”

– Michael Bronfein, CEO, Curio Wellness

We work with our clients as Practitioner Partners… not consultants.