Energy, Oil, and Gas

Energy, Oil and Gas Industry Overview

Companies in the Oil and Gas Manufacturing and Service sectors are realizing significant gains through lean transformation. During this down cycle in the market, the forward-thinking and innovative companies are positioning themselves to be more efficient and customer-centric than their competitors when the market rebounds. Our clients are partnering with us to deliver their products and services faster, better and at lower costs. By applying our tried and true approach to lean transformation, our clients are not only realizing breakthrough strategic objectives, they are concurrently changing their culture and building strong internal capabilities for continuous improvement. We promise our client partners that we will quickly develop the internal Practitioners of lean transformation tools, techniques and concepts that will continue to lead change in the business after we leave.

Highlights of our experience

Companies as small as $150M to as large as $5B in the upstream and midstream sectors
North America and International
Areas of the businesses transformed:

  • Service, Retrofit and Repair
  • Asset Configuration and Deployment
  • Equipment Utilization
  • Scheduling
  • Facilities consolidation
  • Quality Control
  • New Product Development
  • Spare Parts Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Facility Design and Layout



Transformation Results Examples

Additional Benefits


  • Value Stream Mapping to identify improvements
  • Facilitation of kaizens for improvements
  • Lean Daily Management
  • Strategy Deployment – a leadership tool for ensuring a laser-like focus on your strategic priorities
  • $11.9 million in increased fleet utilization

  • Asset utilization increase from 51% to 68%

  • Capacity increase of 18% ($15M in revenue)

  • Productivity (labor) increase of 28%

  • First pass yield improvement from 78% to 95%

  • Repair turnaround time improvement from 16 days to 5 days


  • Equipment utilization
  • Improved capital planning
  • Performance culture
  • Targeted productivity improvement & cost reductions


We work with our clients as Practitioner Partners… not consultants.