Capability Building & Knowledge Transfer

A Critical Aspect to Any Sustainable Lean Transformation and a Key NEXT LEVEL Partners Differentiator and Core Ideology. We Do Not Consider Any Client Partnering Engagement a Success Unless This is Achieved. Raise the Leadership Capability and Lean Competency of Your Internal Leadership Team Through Our Proven Knowledge Transfer Methods

Executive Lean Orientation – A 1 ½ day introduction to lean tools and overview of key lean business system elements and concepts, including some practical exercises to drive key points home. An absolute must early on in your lean transformation journey or following significant restructuring.

Executive Lean Boot Camp - Three to five days of detailed exposure to lean tools, case studies in related fields and key lean business system elements, including comprehensive, hands-on applications. This is not to be mistaken with a few days away from the office at a seminar. Roll-up your sleeves and prepare to immerse yourself in lean.

Lean Leader Boot Camp - Five days of intense lean tools training and application, change management, team building and kaizen management…designed for the lean leaders within your organization that will take your transformation to the next level. Successful transformations require all in key leadership positions to "be on the same page" with respect lean tools application and training techniques. NLP can make this happen for you!

President's Kaizens - An effective way to share lean techniques and lean leadership best practices, while at the same time creating a competitive "sense of transformation urgency" across the business.

Executive Lean Skills Matrix - A process for ensuring that all executives and functional leaders "walk-the-talk" on thinking, acting and promoting lean throughout the enterprise by raising their personal knowledge of the tools to a meaningful level.

Lean Tool Self Sufficiency & Certification - You'll want to know that your internal lean resources are fully capable and self sufficient at continuing the efforts long after we disengage.

We work with our clients as Practitioner Partners… not consultants.