Retail Markets

NEXT LEVEL Partners®, LLC has become known as an innovator in bringing the principles and tools of Lean Enterprise Transformation to the retail industry. We started working with various types of Retailers over ten years ago, helping them transform the way they deliver their products and services to their customers at high levels of quality, timeliness and efficiency. We work hand-in-hand with our client partners to ensure they are not only transforming the way they do business, but are also developing the capabilities to sustain the improvements and can continue to make improvements on their own. We promise our client partners that we will quickly develop the internal Practitioners of lean transformation tools, techniques and concepts that will continue to lead change in the business after we leave.

Highlights of our experience

Companies as small as $120M to as large as $5B
Retail channels have included brick-and-mortar, e-commerce, catalog and direct selling

Areas of the businesses transformed

  • store operations
  • marketing
  • merchandising
  • distribution
  • order fulfilment
  • transportation
  • product development
  • store, e-commerce and catalog support
  • new store construction

Sampling of results

  • Order-to-ship lead times reduced 35-85%
  • Store labor productivity increased 15-38%
  • Distribution center productivity increased 22-36%
  • Inventory turns increased by 20-40%
  • Error rates improved from above 3% to below 0.5%
  • Safety improvements


Deploying Strategy with laser-like execution…


Acquisition and Development of Leadership talent…


Eliminating Waste and Building Capability through Lean/Sigma Transformations