Lean Daily Management

The Most Common Failure Mode of Lean Transformations is the Ability to Sustain the Gains...There is a Solution! Let NEXT LEVEL Partners Work With You And Your Line Leaders To Share "The Secret To Sustainability"

Daily "Gemba" Walks - Hold that daily production meeting where the production (truth) happens, on the shop floor! Learn how to realize the power of cross functional review and buy-in for what happens on the shop floor every day.

Cell/Area KPI Boards - Capture and track information that truly reflects processing metrics, or the "Key Performance Indicators," that are important to you and your customers, at the point-of-impact! Learn what to track, how to present the data and who provides the updates.

Managing with Playbooks - Demand can change daily…does that mean we have to re-do our standard work everyday? Absolutely not! Learn how to build thresholds of demand changes into your cellularization & standard work projects and how to adjust labor allocation and operator work content every day, real time, as demand changes.

5S Patrols - 5S and Visual Management levels and expectations should also be standardized. Learn how to institute the necessary controls ensuring accountability lies with those who control it.


Deploying Strategy with laser-like execution…


Acquisition and Development of Leadership talent…


Eliminating Waste and Building Capability through Lean/Sigma Transformations