Distribution and Logistics


NEXT LEVEL Partners®, LLC has applied tried and proven LEAN principals to the critical Distribution and Logistics processes including:

  • Pick/Pack/Ship                                 
  • Receiving                                                 
  • Order Processing
  • Material Handling
  • Transportation (Including Land, Sea and Air)
  • Customer Service   

    • Distribution partners with VMI programs have taken advantage of our approach with their OEM clients. We are able to create significant savings on both sides of the relationship, well beyonditem price.

    • Internal and External Supply Chain optimization using Transactional Process Improvement.

    • Improvement in “cash to cash” cycle for distribution – sourcing & procurement through collections.

    • Value Stream Mapping of critical processes producing Continuous Improvement Roadmaps.

    • Strategy Deployment Process bridging strategy to execution.


Deploying Strategy with laser-like execution…


Acquisition and Development of Leadership talent…


Eliminating Waste and Building Capability through Lean/Sigma Transformations